First spam appearing in one of my Drupal sites

Today I noticed a few posts on a forum of one of my Drupal sites. Nothing serious, just a spammer putting tons of links on my site. Since my site does not have a really good rank (it's just a personal page!) and the page included a good hundred links, there is no way it would have been useful in regard to search engines since they discard those immediately.

Emails for Sale!

Emails for Sale!

Ever received an email saying that they had millions of emails for sale? Well... today I decided to do a little "research" on that and I created a couple charts as seen below.

Two charts as described in the rest of this page.

Here we can see that the percent of emails is much larger in western countries. France is nearly 60% and the US is 57%. The western countries are between 30% and 60%. Asian countries are around 20%, except China and India that are really low: only 2%. But 2% of over 1 billion people is a lot of emails already (~20 million.)

Now, we can look at the population. Yes. 75% of the world is ...

Get paid to play games?!

Okay! There is really nothing wrong with playing games, nor is there with the companies providing these games. But when I read the following advert (a bit edited to not give the names away, these are legitimate businesses) I feel like something is wrong here.

The black areas are extra text at the top and different games screenshots or cover picture.

Crooks and the Internet—Computing and security in the Internet age

Here I made a copy of an article published in the Sacramento Bee.

Obviously I already knew most of what is written here, except the amount of spam/scam emails that one ISP can support: the top max. registered now is 1 billion in 12 hours. And I suppose that this ISP is not responsible for anything which happened, is it?!

This is the obvious problem on the Internet today: no one wants to do anything about whatever. Well... one company is doing a huge whole lot more than the others in regard to scam: At least from what I heard they will not only block arriving emails but they also ...


Credit Report Letter on Clipboard

This page will be talking about different things in link with freedom and the USA. Most people think and/or view the USA as a place of freedom. This is a common missinterpretation. Actually the UK is certainly free-er... at least in regard to freedom of speech.

In any country, if you get some very sensitive information, just don't publish it publicly. Information about terrorists or industrial spying can cost you a lot.

Now there is a new kind of information which was setup a while back to protect creditors. Note that I'm saying creditors and not people. ...