Your Privacy

This website collects IP addresses of anyone accessing it. It also does a domain name look up.

If you register an account, it will collect one of your email addresses and a password. You are free to create a new account with Google, Yahoo!, MSN or another free email account to use my website.

The registration process uses cookies to ensure that you still are logged in each time your browser connects to my server.

You can submit your own scam and spam and other niceties. We do not need your real name when you do so. However, your submission will be linked to your account.

You may define a link to different accounts such as your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube accounts. You are free to add those or not add those. It will obviously link you between my site and another account that identifies you.

I use Google Analytics to track your movements on my website.

I use Google AdSense which tracks your clicks on their links.

That's it. If you think I forgot something, let me know.