Emails for Sale!

Emails for Sale!

Ever received an email saying that they had millions of emails for sale? Well... today I decided to do a little "research" on that and I created a couple charts as seen below.

Two charts as described in the rest of this page.

Here we can see that the percent of emails is much larger in western countries. France is nearly 60% and the US is 57%. The western countries are between 30% and 60%. Asian countries are around 20%, except China and India that are really low: only 2%. But 2% of over 1 billion people is a lot of emails already (~20 million.)

Now, we can look at the population. Yes. 75% of the world is divived between India and China. China has an equivalent of 2/3rd of the US population over India. It's simply scary. And note that Africa is not included. This shows you that the western world is really tiny (1% maybe? 8-) ).

Anyway... click on the graphs to download the Open Office spreadsheet and see the actual numbers. Obviously, I do not guarantee the numbers under the email column. The population, I got from the US census bureau and for many are estimates for 2008.