Saving Seniors from Online Scams

Picture by Caspar Rubin showing code—code is what many scammers use to steal personal data and use it to transfer money from your account to theirs...

You may think it’s pretty easy to spot and avoid an online scam or fraud. The too good to be true investment opportunity, for example, or the invoice for something that you didn’t buy that requires you to click on a link for more information. You know that clicking on that link is just asking for trouble.  You’re OK aren’t you? You know the signs. You know that you don’t answer these emails by providing your financial information, and you’d never click on an unknown link. Can you say the same of your mom and dad though? Do they know how to spot ...

Insurance Policy Change (July 2012)

How many times do you send an email to a customer about a change in your policies?

Do you think that the following would be enough?

Screenshot of my Junk folder on July 2012

By the way, notice that the spammer changed to the date on the 25th! Which must be a lot of work for him.

P.S. I had a problem with Thunderbird before, but this one really is spam. Don't worry it all ended up in my spam folder, automatically, it is just that I sort by Sender so it all appears together (opposed to sorting by date which is what most of us do.)

What does Sandhi Schimmel Gold and Scam have in common?

Sandhi Schimmel Gold with Billy Bush and a picture of him by her.Today I found an interesting article about spam...

Sandhi Schimmel Gold loves receiving spam (maybe I should divert my pipe in her general direction...)


Because she uses it to create art! Paintings of famous people.

Oh! Yeah... that's not the spam you get in your electronic mail. She uses the news paper, marketing letters, etc. to do collages.

Too bad.

Well... at least one person gets nearly all her raw materials for free!

Security problem with your Drupal configuration

Today the Drupal Security Team sent out a message in regard to emails being sent to people asking them to install a file on their Drupal server to make sure that some security problem in Drupal Core was plugged before a hacker finds it.

I wonder how many fell for it... probably not many since only the smartest work with Drupal, although there could be a few silly billies out there too!?

The interesting point of the message sent to Drupal users is that it says that the Drupal Security Team did not announce anything on their website. That's contrary to even receiving such a (public) ...

Queensland, $4 million lost in only 5 months

I've got to say that cleverness is not part of the scam. It's got to be the opposite: Stupidity.

Many people get scammed by Nigerian scams, but to read that in Queensland State, Australia, there were 3,300 people scammed for a total loss of AUD $4 million, is just incredible news to me.

Now I understand why so many "black people" are contacting me on Facebook (okay just 3 so far, out of 3,400 friends, it isn't that many... is it?) and they each tell me that they will gladly give me a phone call. Once you made a few thousand dollars, it certainly doesn't cost you ...

Are 419 scammers learning?

Yes... as usual, I receive a lot of emails, many of which are from scammers. Each day, I delete most of the emails in my mailbox. Now, I'm just waiting to retire!

The trend has usually been to talk about all your problems, how poor you are, how it is impossible for you to get the millions of $$$ from your defunct dad (rarely the mom's rich... ain't weird? I thought the Queen was loaded!)

But lately, for about 2 months or so, I started getting emails that were very very very short. I have had those for the blue pills forever, since there isn't much to say in that case, but for ...

400,000 bots working hard every day

I'm registered with different systems to help my company eliminate most of the scam it receives. The problem is that some of my customers emails also get kicked out... Ouch!

Today, I received an email saying that the Project Honey Pot received it's 1 billionth spam email. I guess that was not a surprise seeing the large amount of scam you receive every day (I know that I receive well over 1,000 emails a day on my site.)

Small business scam from Georgia

I warned about this scam once. Letters coming in the mail telling you that you have to pay $150 and at times even more to keep your corporation open. The scammers could simply get the businesses information on the Californian website. All the information was available. They somewhat copied the letter you are supposed to fill out each year and sent over 1 million of those to businesses.

According to "this article" (not available anymore), they made a whooping $1 million with that scheme. Note that if you have to send 1 million letters and that it cost you about 50 cents each, they really only ...

Did you send me that email?!

Scammers are doing bad things all the time and that includes making use of other people email addresses. It can be much worse, actually, since they may hack and use your actual email account, although that's much rarer.

The following is an email I received from someone in Denmark who received an email from me.

Hi sir
 my name is : [name]
I received an E-mail from you addressed to me. Is it correct?
The following is the content:

Password Hackers Are Slippery To Collar

What a story! Found on the Washington post.

I knew that you could hack in pretty much any account, but the use by Cioni is quite strange to me.

And yes, you could also get the same service as these for free. There are many hackers using that sort of a system...

Source was the Washington Post.

By Tom Jackman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, September 7, 2009


When Elaine Cioni found out that her married boyfriend had other girlfriends, she became obsessed, federal prosecutors say. So she turned to

And for only $100, ...