Bill & Melinda Gates Gave Away through their charity (how many really believe that?!)

There are a whooping 0 charities that can offer you $1M or even just $10k. It's not their business to give money away. It's their business to help people in need so if you "won some prize online" for which you never participated, guess what, it's not real.

Not too long ago I received a message by someone who pretends to be named Kevin Victor Davis (possibly a funky name, although I could very well be a real person and the picture could also very well be real.

The dude has an account on Instagram (and I don't, he contacted me through Messenger). Since I'm not on Instragram, I can't mark him as shit. Oh well, not my problem.

Here is his dialog with me:


How are you doing today?

Hi Kevin, what's up?

Well am doing pretty good, Did you heard about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program?

Yes. They help with vaccines especially in Africa.

Its a program owned by Bill and Melinda to improve and maintain a high quality standard living of people and to help the Deaf,Retired,Disable and unemployed. I thought you already know about it.

Do you understand the program?

Why do you ask?


They select winners electronically through FB& I got $100,000.00 from them and i saw your name on their winners list when the FedEx came to deliver me my winnings at my doorstep,have you gotten anything yet?

So why did you have to tell me? I'll just receive my $100k and be done with it, right?

Anyway i think you should contact their claiming agent just as i did to claim your  too. Do you know how to do that?

Sorry. You're losing me, I thought yours just came in the mail?!