USTMS—Elective Trademark Monitoring Service

Not too long ago, I got this letter from USTMS saying that they would actually make sure that my trademark is properly protected. I read the thing a bit to see how much they would charge and such.

Well... Point one, they are not attorneys. That's funny because so far those I heard of monitoring trademarks are attorneys. Funny, hey?! Bar start, I will say.

And so, what's the price? A little cheaper than the IDM company since this one is only US $395.00. Plus the stamp because the envelope is not pre-stamped...

Whether they really do something that's useful, hey! Maybe it works for some people. It is clear that with 200,000 new trademarks each month, I cannot look over them all since it would take all my time. So?! How do they do it? Probably using computers. Whether their algorithm is good, who knows! The fact that they do not guarantee anything, not even finding equivalent trademarks being registered under our noses, sounds fishy.

The address on the envelope:

	PO BOX 310835
	HOUSTON, TEXAS 77231-0835

Note that somehow IDM is also in Houston Texas. There must be something about trademarks and Houston. Even though the USPTO is not there.

United States Trademark Maintenance Service

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