ODM—Registration of the International Trademark

I guess I never wrote a page for this one! ODM...

Well... Not so new, I already have 4 other pages about these type of letters asking you incredibly high sums to put your mark in their catalogue. They call you advertiser. Why would people want to advertise their trademark?! Did I miss something here?

You may want to have a look at IDM and USTMS where I put a table at the end with a list of "bad" guys like these.

The back is about their terms and conditions, it goes like this:

General Terms and Business Conditions

  1. The offer becomes an irrevocable and binding contract upon amounts payment, which implies at the same time full acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
  2. The entry (specification front) Page will be included in conformity with the contents of our offer in the Directory Private  Register for Patent and Trademarks ODM.
  3. The Directory which are edited by the WIPO-World Intellectual Proberty Organization, will be published on Internet and on CD-Rom, which will be updated every 3 months. The insertion fee covers the offered edition for one year including insertion update during this time.
  4. The publisher is not responsible for any possible textual or typesetting errors in any entry, and there will be no refund, yet a free entry will be included with corrected data.
  5. The place of jurisdiction is Switzerland
  6. Publisher is ODM Via Roma 9, 34121 Trieste