IDM—International Data Medium Anstalt

Today I received a letter from Liechtenstein. I thought, this is interesting. I read the letter because it mentioned a new mark from my company: Order Made.

I was not suspicious, I was thinking maybe they were going to say something such as: "this is our mark, go away." But since I was registering it in the U.S. the chances were slim.

The letter is from International Data Medium Anstalt (IDM). I have never ever heard of that company. So obviously I searched on the Internet and the first thing to pop-up is an attorney/legal website saying that you should be careful and they have their own version of my letter. Funny.

As you can read below, the letter is asking people to pay the wooping sum of $1,890.00 (written the European way: $1.890,00). Yes. It is in US dollars. I think in Europe they use the Euro a bit more than dollars...

Also, still in that letter, you can find the bank account information. I think they are taking quite a risk here. But hey! That's their bank account and I guess they empty it as soon as they know there is a penny in there. Especially because they probably are not going to re-imburse you (Oh! Yeah! "payment confirms you approval of the terms".)

	VP Bank AG
	FL-9490 Vaduz
	IBAN: LI 45 0880 5003 3874 5001 3

One thing that is very funny in this one: the piece of paper in the middle of the letter... it is glued on there, cut out from a print of the Gazette in which Order Made appeared.

And by the way, I still don't know what they are offering you for these US $1,890.00! And I hope for you that you won't fall for this one!

The same information could be found on the INTA website. I made a copy below of all the letters that they mention. Notice that it comes from all over the world: USA, Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Brussels, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Crooks are all over the place! I also have another table with the USTMS deal.

  • American Trademark Agency, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Company of Economic Publications Ltd., Austria
  • CPI (Company for Publications and Information Anstalt), Liechtenstein
  • Edition The Marks KFT, Hungary
  • EIEC (European Institute for Economy and Commerce), Brussels
  • FIPTR Service (Federated Institute for Patent & Trademark Registry), Coconut Creek, Florida, USA
  • Globus Edition S.L., Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • IDM (International Data Medium Anstalt), Liechtenstein
  • Institute of Commerce for Industry, Trade, and Commerce, Switzerland
  • IT and TAG, Switzerland
  • S.A.R.L. (Société pour Publications et Information), Vienna
  • TMI (Trademark Info Corporation), Houston, Texas, USA
  • Trademark Renewal Service, Washington, DC
  • Trademark Safeguard - Trademark Monitoring Service, New York
  • USTPA (U.S. Trademark Protection Agency), Seattle, Washington, USA
  • ZDR-Datenregister GmbH, Germany