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Since, like anyone else, I receive tons of scam emails and snail mail letters, I decided to present here some of these. All of these (and many more which I just delete) are scams. This means, what the senders have in mind is to racket one of us. And according to what I've seen, they do succeed quite often.

If you have similar letters in your mailbox, either disregard or play with the person knowing that you can't give him (or her) any information about:

  1. Your bank account,
  2. Your address — or any valid address if that matter,
  3. Your family, and
  4. any other information that you judge private or even intimate.

Ha! I say "Your"... even if you don't like your neighbor at all, don't give his information either. The Internet leaves tracks (hackers in the US are being caught one after another!) and you would certainly be in even bigger trouble.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading these letters as I do myself once in a while. 8-)I do not always add comments with the letters since I usually don't have time to do so, but there would often be a lot of joke to tell!

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Latest Scams
  • Last update: 02/18/2012

    Wow! Are you in the US or Canada? And you want my SSN? Good idea! And what about your phone number?! +44... That's the UK. 0703 must be around London. Maybe. So... a UK guy telling me "Our Companies at USA" and why wouldn't one of these "Companies at USA" contact me directly?!

    Return-Path:		<globalinsurance93@yahoo.com>
    X-Original-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Delivered-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Received:		from n63.bullet.mail.sp1.yahoo.com (n63.bullet.mail.sp1.yahoo.com [])
    			by halk.m2osw.com (Postfix) with SMTP id 545A01BDE4
  • Last update: 04/03/2014

    Note from the U.S. government (Oct 2005):

    Please Note: There have been instances of fraudulent websites posing as official U.S. Government sites. Some companies posing as the U.S. Government have sought money in order to "complete" lottery entry forms. There is no charge to download and complete the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form. To learn more see the Department of State Warning.

    From us_dvwin0002006@tiscali.co.uk Sat Oct 8 03:39:35 2005
    X-Apparently-To:		alexis_wilke@yahoo.com via; Sat, 08 Oct 2005 03:40:26 ...
  • Last update: 02/18/2012

    Title: Tous mes sentiments( Mme MARIAM GUEI)


    Mme Mariam GUEI ROBERT
    email:   mariamguei2@katamail.com
    tel : 00229 95 21 20 92.


    je n ai pas un autre moyen de communiquer avec vous. c est pourquoi je vous fais parvenir ce mail. je suis dans le désespoir et mon cœur saigne au moment ou je vous écris ce message qui j espère retiendra votre attention. Je vous prie en prime de m excuser pour tous les désagréments que mon courrier pourrait vous causer.
    Même si nous ne nous sommes jamais rencontres, je crois ...

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Hey! First time for everything... This one is from Luxemburg. 8-)

  • Last update: 07/06/2017

    Got that one this morning. Funny. The guy wants to buy some of my products with a credit card. I mean, you know, I have sold many products and never had someone send me an email like this one. Anyway...

    The funniest part is when he says: gimme your website URL!

    He wants some of my products but he does not even know what the heck I'm selling. Guess what, at my company we are selling stuff that have nothing to do with what he wants. I'd bet pretty much anything since most people do not want a software library or even Turn Watcher...

    And in case you want to know more about my ...

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Got to contact Mr Mighty!
    Got to contact Mr Mighty!
    Got to contact Mr Mighty!
    No really! 8-)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    This is a funny one. A guy who pretends to be from Austrian but writing from a norvegian account in rather good English with Opera under Windows 2000 setup in Japanese. Adnd he has so much money that he has to ask me to distribute it since he's confident I won't just steal his money.

    Sounds like a good plan! 8-)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Return-Path:		<herbert_wigwe@hotmail.com>
    X-Original-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Delivered-To:		alexis@halk.m2osw.com
    Received:		from mail.com (ml82.128.13.89.multilinks.com [])
    			by halk.m2osw.com (Postfix) with SMTP id 334DE1BDE4
    			for <alexis@halk.m2osw.com>; Sun, 20 Jan 2008 13:48:57 -0800 (PST)
    Reply-To:		<herbertwigwenig@aim.com>
    From:			"HERBERT WIGWE" <herbert_wigwe@hotmail.com>
    To:			"alexis" <alexis@halk.m2osw.com>
    Subject:		Compliments
    Date:			Sun, 20 Jan 2008 21:48:58 -0000
    MIME-Version:		1.0
    Content-Type:		text/plain; charset
  • Last update: 11/23/2014

    For this one I don't have the email header, but it's still a funny one! The first image is what I received and it's totally unreadable. I don't even see why anyone would want to try to decipher it! The 2nd image is what you can get once you applied some very simple transformations to the source. In other words, the scrambling there is totally useless.

  • Last update: 11/24/2014

    This one is yet another about tons of money I just win by magic! Someone just happened to get my email addres, and actually, this email was not even sent to me (look at the To: ... I was on the Bcc:, any reason you can think of?)

    What I laught about is the number of times I received it in my mailbox. There is a picture:

    And before I posted this image on this website I received yet another email from MAGRET WOODS!

    Ha! Ha! Ha! That's too much! I could block these emails, obviously, but I did not and I got another 10 in the past 2 hours. So... Am I going to believe that stuff?!