Konan Doudou—Doudou, in French, means "my teddy bear"

Voilà tout à propos du doudou...

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EMAIL :henrie2002@zwallet.com

Dear in the lord,

I know that this letter may or may not come to you as a surprise.I

decide to write to you base on my present situation.

I am Henrie Konan doudou 19yrs old the first Son of MR&MRS BOGA DOUDOU 
the former minister and the second man in the political party hieraachy 
of the ruling party,but unfortunately they were both killed last year 
during september 19 attacked by the same

government he is serving due to political diffenrences with other party 
members but,before all this incident,he has confide in me about his 
properties where and who is in charge of them.Because since the 
differences he has been receiving a death threat 

from unknown quarters.

Right now I am left with my only little sister ,in the world of our own 
since the sudden assasination of my parents .Before the death of my 
parents,they gave some document to Revrend father in our church to keep 
for him as usual,in my present,and they

disclosed to me about the deposit 12.5million USD and some killos of 
gold in a trunk box which they deposited with a private security company 
as a family treasure.

After their death, the rev father called me and handover the documents 
to me, going through the documents I understand that the Box was 
deposited into two different places one here in Abidjan and the other one in 

Now because of the recent political crisis and blood shed in our 
country,so i dont want to experience set back again so I wish to transfer 
these box containing the fund in the security company abroad and enter 
into a business venture as this country (Cô

te d?Ivoire)is not yet at peace.

My country has witness all sort of political unrest ranging from ethnic 
clash which resulted to killing of innocents and strangers, people are 
living in fears as the country is no longer that peaceful nation as it 
was before, due to this reason that I h

ave decided to

contact you, to assist me to lift this consignment out of the country. 
Please I need your assistance.

Now permit me to ask these few questions as our guardian:- 

1. Can you honestly help us as your children? 

2. Can we completely trust you? 

3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for

you after the money is transfer to your country? 

4.Can you help us to come over to your country and further our

educational carrier?

5.Can you assure us of the confidentiality of this transaction,So that

when coming in to your country there would not be focus of attention.

Waiting for your urgent reply and God bless you in advance.You can

reach us with this our private e-mail address at:henrie2002@zwallet.com  
for more details.

Thanks and God bless

Henrie Konan Doudou.