Why such spam?! Is that a password by any chance?

Now a days, I often receive comments on one of my websites that look like the following...

I'm just wondering, who would post something like that and why? What's the interest of posting a total non-sense message with links that point to non-existant websites?!?

I'm really wondering, so if you have an answer, I'd be really interested!!! Please, post a comment below to let me know why there are such brain dead people on the Earth!


gQvPt5 lnnoeybvjtto, [url=http://ggxluyqpgbpd.com/]ggxluyqpgbpd[/url], [link=http://lodlcckqtltt.com/]lodlcckqtltt[/link], http://mxjzracupiqa.com/

Nonsensical Spam

I think that it is auto spam gone wrong. The idea is that nonsense goes into fields which might be mandatory in an enquiry, blog, PPC scam and so on, and either automate it or automate a third world human in the expectation that they and their family will be paid for their endeavours.

The former is characterised by short delivery intervals and a changing email address for every time Hotmail catches up with them, the latter is slower, more erratic and more pathetic with less nonsense per change of email address,
This one looks like an attempt to spam you so that your readers will see links which should refer you to a hard-core porn site, but it has gone wrong.
By the way, someone will be expecting to be paid for doing this, but won't!

PS I've just cracked the money model and cash flow for the latest "Earn £38,765 a month through Information Networking" Internet scam. It is very ingenious in that the pyramid doesn't begin until the first troop of would be millionaires have been processed. They havn’t finished though and they havn't finished paying their Guru either! From a small list of 10,000 prospective suckers, expect 4-5 new sharks entering the market and the originator pocketing £100K plus! If you want to know about the losses, just ask!

Re: Nonsensical Spam

We just got another boost on another server of those totally non-sensical spam.

What I find impressive part is that each one is from a different IP address. Are all those computers communicating the URLs really quick or are they just changing their computer IP before each access (since the accesses were rather slow, many minutes in between, it could very well be... and the IPs looked like non-assign IPs.)

I just don't understand, what's the point.