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Each state will have a different website. I know of the California Statement of Information Office Online, with which you can verify whether a corporation is active or not. After a search, an ACTIVE status means your filing is still good, however, it does not mean you are compliant with the $25/year payment. For that, if you know you did not send anything yet, I think you have to call the office to see where it's at.

Got yet another Corporate Compliance Center letter. The last one was in 2015. I've put a link below the 2011 version. As you will notice, the letter is slightly different. Not too sure why they would do that. Maybe it makes it a bit harder to search with Google.

Here are scans. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Corporate Compliance Center letter scan (see transcript below)
Figure 1. The letter (click to enlarge)
Click here to see the letter of 2015

The main letter asks you to send $150 to make sure your information is properly registered with the State of California. For those of you who do not know, the State has not changed the amount charged to keep your company registered: $25.

Letter Transcript

Corporate Compliance Center logo (circle with 3 open rings inside)

CA-2011 (representing the letter number or reference)


Secretary of State No.: 02642666 (this is our corporation registration number, note the Secretary of State number!)

CCC File No.: 1294429CAN1

1294429CAN1 *******AUTO**SCII 3-DIGIT 956
9275 BLUE OAK DRIVE                           144-43938
ORANGEVALE CA 95662-5326
(followed by the postal code bar representing the address)

RETURN BY 8/31/11 TO ALLOW ADEQUATE  (the $25 has to be paid by April, either they're dead late for 2011 or they're very early for 2012)

California Law Minutes Requirements. CA
Corp. Code Section §1500 requires non-exempt
California corporations to keep minutes of shareholders,
director and director committee proceedings.

Consequence on Non-Compliance. Failure to comply
with this statute is a factor courts may consider that can
result in personal liability of corporation shareholders for
corporation debts and obligations without limit to amount
as a result of alter ego liability.

Complete and Return the Form Below so that CCC can
prepare the documents to meet the terms of the Annual Minutes
Requirements of CA Corp. Code §1500.

Make Your Check For $150.00 Payable to CCC. It is
important we receive your response by 8/31/11 to ensure the
timely preparation of your Annual Minutes. You should receive
your Certificate of Minutes within 3 weeks of sending your

(916) 480-9006 * Return this form with your check and mail to us in the enclosed envelop *

Business Name & Principal Office Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
ORANGEVALE, CA, 95662-5326
Person to Contact
Telephone (With Area Code) - Fax (With Area Code)
PRESIDENT/CEO (Required Position)
DIRECTOR #1 NAME (Required Position)
VICE PRESIDENT (Optional Position)
DIRECTOR #2 NAME (Required if there are 2 Shareholders)
SECRETARY (Required Position)
DIRECTOR #3 NAME (Required if 3 or more Shareholders)
TREASURER / CFO (Required Position)
DIRECTOR #4 NAME (Optional Position)
  DIRECTOR #5 NAME (Optional Position)
(some "random" code bar) DIRECTOR #6 NAME (Optional Position)
DIRECTOR #7 NAME (Optional Position)
If additional space is needed for director names,
please attach a separate sheet of paper
DIRECTOR #8 NAME (Optional Position)

[the form includes two PRINT OR TYPE watermarks in light gray]


CCC No. 1294429CAN1
©2011 Corporate Compliance Center (Yeah! then even have a copyright!)

Note that they did include a notice tell you you should not send them any money. So I have to grant them that they are not 100% crooked.

The Envelope in which the letter was sent to me.

Figure 2. The Envelope I Received

The envelope used to send the letter includes the address. Somehow, the same as the one found in the form!


Good, but why make it look like one if it isn't one?!

The front of the return envelope included in the package.

Figure 3. Return Envelope (Front)

The back of the return envelope.

Figure 4. Return Envelope (Back)

The return envelope includes the usual, hey don't forget to include your check! That's really all we want!

Anyway, they will eventually send you something back... I'm not too sure.

In regard to what they are talking about, it sounds like the Corporation minutes and not the $25 registration fee. So the fee could very well be anything you'd like. I have such a letter and it generally simply says that nothing is changing this year. As for the date, they got it wrong for my company. Whether the shareholders have to be present, not really. It is their right to be present, but it is optional.

Anyway, to type a letter, you probably don't need to pay $150 to some stranger.

Here I got a new one for 2020. This time the fee is $175. What I don't understand is that this is the same address so the exact same people and that's been going for ages. I'm really wondering why no one bothered to remove those scammers. Maybe they are a group of attorneys and so they know the law and they think this can be done without much risk to themselves.

Corporate Compliance Center — Annual Minutes Compliance Notice


Here is also a picture of their office, as viewed from the outside:

Here is a picture of the Corporate Compliance Center office from the outside (click to find it on Google)

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

3-1-14 Just spoke to my CPA and said I should have never paid this.
3-24-14 Called & left 2 messages still no responds
4-28-14 Yeah Brenda answered, But she transferred me to corporation department :(
Left message. I called back for Brenda but no answer!! so I left another message!!

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Got this today - knew it didn't look right and did some Googling - thanks for posting this, I will be responding with a letter asking to be removed from their mailing list.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Hey, Just got the same letter myself for the first time this year. I suspected it was a scam so did my research online and found your posting. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Do you know where to report such scams? Cheers!

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Reporting such a scam is generally directly to the website of the Secretary of State or Companies Registration. It varies from state to state. For example, there is a letter from the Secretary of State in Indiana: which tells you to either call or use their website at to report such scams.

Try searching using Google with something like:

report corporate compliance scam <state name in full>

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Thanks - my CEO just gave it to me - looked wrong Did a google and found I am not alone - thanks again!

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

We are a California church who recently incorporated and when we got this letter my Sr. Pastor gave it to me to look into and i found your post. thank you.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Got my third one of these in as many months. I wonder if anybody is naive enough these days to get scammed by things like this. Into the paper recycling with the rest of them.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

did you ever get a response? I am getting the runaround from this crappy company also. Hope they enjoy hearing from my lawyer.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

I don't think you'll ever get a response. I never sent them any money either, so I'm fine. The best is to complain to the police. It probably won't do much of anything either, but it could help in catching them if the police gets enough complaints.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Recently incorporated my partnership, got this too. I wrote them a nice letter explaining that they are a SCAM and I have notified the local district attorney.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Just incorporated my business. Received this document and decided to look them up or do the transaction by phone. My husband insisted I paid this money- but I didnt really understand why. I'm glad I didnt and I wont. I will complain to my district attorney ASAP.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Same letter we just received. Glad I found this site and many others supporting this is a scam.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Hope adding some more comments here in 2017 will help others not getting cheated. Received the exact same form of letter this week.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Yeah, these scam artists do not stop. Quite incredible. But they must be making enough money at it and thus go on. Plus if you just received it, it was late because the fee is due in Feb. of each year.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Thanks for posting this. I received a "Labor Law Compliance Request Form" with the subheading saying "Failure to comply with posting regulations can lead to fines up to $17,000." This is of course an attempt to intimidate. Lots of official looking information, like my business ID, notice date, document fee--$84 for a labor law poster--and code, with a date by which I have to respond. Into the trash it goes. Address: PO Box 670488, Houston TX 77267-0488.

Thank you so much for alerting others to these scams. So many of them!

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

I just received the same one and I knew it looked fishy because when I registered my company the form asked if I would have any employees and i indicated NO.  So why would I have to have this if i just have my self as an employee.





Plus there is no phone number to call to ask questions.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Corporate Compliance Center sent our corporation a scam letter received on March 12, 2018. They want $150 to process the documents required to comply with the filing of our minutes. They sent the letter to our CPA's address and the name of the person they had on the letter has not been involved with the corporation for probably 10 years.

I certainly hope that no one is getting caught up in this scam.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Unfortunately, since people are still reporting receiving these letters, I would imagine that they continue to market their company that way because it works to a certain extend. They probably don't get super rich doing  this, though.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Hey I received the same notice. But I'm kind of scary about the fine, are you sure this is a scam. Is there any organization to contact to make sure. Thanks

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Yes. The office of the Secretery of State has a page you can use to find out whether your company is active as expected. If the company if found there and is marked active, givethem a call to ask about the ytearly $25 payment and whether they received it for the current year. On my end i receive a small postal card as a notice that a payment is due. I receive that card early in January. If you moved and have not yet made the change of address witht that office, then you are not unlikely to miss that notice! So checking with them is an excellent idea.

Note that if you formed your company with a CPA or an Attorney and they are still taking careof the company maintenance, then they are the one paying the fee. You can, of course, contact them to see whether they any information in that regard.

If your the search of your company returns a status other than ACTIVE then it is likely that the registration lapsed. I have no clue how to fix such. It never happened to me. Hiring someone knowledgeable is wise in this case (a CPA or an Corporate Attorney come to mind.)

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

I have recieved these several times, I check my Legal Zoom account and they pretty much say they're not seeing any issues of me being non compliant, I pay them to handle all filings including annual minutes.


Re: Corporate Compliance Center

Yes.  I got the same letter.  For payment, I sent them a booger.

Re: Corporate Compliance Center

The kicker is right on the delivered envelope:  THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT

I then know it's junk and it goes straight into the trash without even opening