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Since, like anyone else, I receive tons of scam emails and snail mail letters, I decided to present here some of these. All of these (and many more which I just delete) are scams. This means, what the senders have in mind is to racket one of us. And according to what I've seen, they do succeed quite often.

If you have similar letters in your mailbox, either disregard or play with the person knowing that you can't give him (or her) any information about:

  1. Your bank account,
  2. Your address — or any valid address if that matter,
  3. Your family, and
  4. any other information that you judge private or even intimate.

Ha! I say "Your"... even if you don't like your neighbor at all, don't give his information either. The Internet leaves tracks (hackers in the US are being caught one after another!) and you would certainly be in even bigger trouble.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading these letters as I do myself once in a while. 8-)I do not always add comments with the letters since I usually don't have time to do so, but there would often be a lot of joke to tell!

Soap Bubbles


Latest Scams
  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Today I got a message on my answering machine and I was wondering what it was about. So I checked out the website and noticed after a couple clicks that the service was actually not free. I have no idea what the site really is about, but when I saw stuff for sale, I started to wonder. I guess that in the long run it somehow pays since they are still in business and according to a blog I read, they have have been in business for a while. Especially since they are getting financed by others and that for big money!

  • Last update: 02/18/2012

    This one caught my eye because the very first link did not work in Pine. The fact is, it included two newline characters at the very beginning and they had not thought of that in Pine (which simply prints these newline characters and ends up printing the URL 2 lines below where it is supposed to be.) I fixed that link since it will bring you to the bank safely. I removed the other link that was the phisher link. Also, in the middle there was a broken link that, again, Pine shown instead of the hacker link. That means the hacker email was so bad that it was not even possible for me to get to

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
    Microsoft and AOL has set out and successfully organised a Sweepstakes

    Right... because usually large companies like that they try to set out a sweepstake and it fails really bad. Whatever! Thanks to Nichelle for this one! 8-)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
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  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    I suppose this is one of these emails to put you in confidence...

    Do not pay another dime.
    Without paying another dollar.
    Stop paying even another cent.

    This sounds good, I guess. I mean, if you are in debt. Otherwise useless for sure. But okay... let's study the email a little more:

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
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