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Since, like anyone else, I receive tons of scam emails and snail mail letters, I decided to present here some of these. All of these (and many more which I just delete) are scams. This means, what the senders have in mind is to racket one of us. And according to what I've seen, they do succeed quite often.

If you have similar letters in your mailbox, either disregard or play with the person knowing that you can't give him (or her) any information about:

  1. Your bank account,
  2. Your address — or any valid address if that matter,
  3. Your family, and
  4. any other information that you judge private or even intimate.

Ha! I say "Your"... even if you don't like your neighbor at all, don't give his information either. The Internet leaves tracks (hackers in the US are being caught one after another!) and you would certainly be in even bigger trouble.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy reading these letters as I do myself once in a while. 8-)I do not always add comments with the letters since I usually don't have time to do so, but there would often be a lot of joke to tell!

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Latest Scams
  • Last update: 02/18/2014

    Wow! Good one... This email starts saying: "I know you'll be surprised by this email since you don't know me..." and then it says: "Thank you for contacting me earlier". Maybe I don't understand French too well anymore! 

    Ho! Yeah! By the way, this is the widow of the former Philippians minister of finance. Okay, that's fine with me, after all she has the right to be. What I find a bit odd for a Philippians is that she speaks perfect French!!! Okay, just kidding, that's not perfect French, but still pretty good. That is, maybe they learn French in ...

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    I suppose I'd have to pay him loads of money for -450Kg of gold... (yes, see the minus sign?!, I know, it's part of the :- and not really the number, but, sorry, it just looks too silly here.)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009

    Not too sure what this is about. To me it looks like some links will go download a virus. And it is presented as I saw it: bad HTML. Well, maybe some mail system would show the HTML as such, but not pine. 8-)

  • Last update: 10/31/2009
    X-Apparently-To:		alexis_wilke@yahoo.com via; Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:14:33 -0800
    Authentication-Results:		mta158.mail.dcn.yahoo.com from=yahoo.com; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
    X-Originating-IP:		[]
    Return-Path:			<wenkang1000@yahoo.com>
    Received:			from (EHLO sc8-sf-mx1.sourceforge.net) (
    				by mta158.mail.dcn.yahoo.com with SMTP; Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:14:32 -0800
    Received:			from jet13.hasweb.com ([])
    				by sc8-sf-mx1.sourceforge.net with esmtp (TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256) (Exim 4.41)
    				id 1CX99S-000219-PH; Wed, 24 Nov
  • Last update: 11/01/2009

    Interesting, this one had a fax number in the U.K., I would be really scared to give such a number since the police can be at your place the very next day!

  • Last update: 07/06/2017

    Okay... I don't really read German that well, but this is really bad German, I can tell. But the point here is also the fact that the guy says he lives in Botswana. That is the richest African country because of its mines of Diamonds. He came to Europe for some time (in Belgium) and now he wants all your banking information. Well... why not! 8-)

    This may change... but for 2006, the Botswana Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is showing a front picture with... a white female. Hmmm.... click on the different pages and all the images are like that. I wonder if they only tax people ...

  • Last update: 11/01/2009

    God bess you! He! He! I actually got an answer from this idiot.

  • Last update: 11/01/2009

    I am sending you this private email to make a passionate appeal
    Isn't that a funny comment in such an email?! 8-)

  • Last update: 11/01/2009

    Voilà tout à propos du doudou...

  • Last update: 07/06/2017

    There is a new one from eBay. I won't say "Poor eBay", they make tons of money and this is probably more advertising than anything else for them. But here we have a funny one!

    Your account has been accessed from a foreign IP address

    Received:			from snap.turnwatcher.com by substitute with [XMail 1.22 ESMTP Server]
    				id <SAE97> for <@mail.m2osw.com:alexis@halk.m2osw.com>
    				from <root@hs58.order-vault.net>; Fri, 8 Sep 2006 18:00:52 -0700
    Received:			from hs58.order-vault.net (unknown [])
    				by snap.turnwatcher.com (Postfix) with ESMTP id ...