Brigitte Gross—waht are you donig bbay — or Hi, Dear Family!

Okay, I'll pass on the syntax in that email for now. It is obvious that people writing spam emails do it on purpose to swart tools such as my anti-spam software. Now, this is fine, it gives me a little more fun work to do.

Here, what I'm questioning is the logic of the email. First the subject is like a girl talking to her boyfriend (unless I'm mistaken? well... obviously most of these spam are sent by guys, but that's not the point here!) Okay, so I start reading the email and what do I see? Ha! "Hi" and two lines below "Dear Family," so her baby is her entire family?! And what's that "Hi" doing there?! In the 2nd paragraph she says "Yeah Mom ... and Dad ...". Okay this is indeed family. Cool. Do you call your mom and dad "baby"?!

Let's admit that the subject was just a phishing title... and I'm a stupid phish and opened the email! Now I'm starting to read... the email is address to Briggs' family, right? I don't know that woman and I guess she sent that email to some 100 million people (at least). But what I find funny is that it goes on and on about how she's so happy to have had that degree and then she'd just got several jobs she could never have had without that degree. I hope she doesn't have to write in these jobs... Anyway, looks pretty strange to me that if she's got a good diploma that she'd need to change jobs all the time that she already got several when she writes to her mommy and poppy to tell them that two other people have got to call that number and leave a message, blah blah blah. And again, she's got that great diploma but she still needs to go back to school to learn how to write...

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Dear Family,

Just wanted to write you, and let you know, how the degree program I tried out went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Master~s Degr~ee
with no study required and 100 percent verifiable.

Yeah mom, I know you and Dad doubted it at first, but this turned out to be
totally legit. This opportunity was given to me because of the professional
experience and previous course work I had accumulated.

I'm so excited mom and dad, this was a life altering opportunity & for once
in my life I took advantage of it.

I already have jobs, that wouldn't have given me a chance before, now they
are calling off the hook! This really is a godsend.

Tell Susan and Cousin Joey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave
them the other day. It's 1~2~0~6-984-4433 in case you forgot.

Again these are the %DEGs they offer,Bachelo~rs, Master~s, MBA and/or Do~ctorate (PhD) , and
the number to call is 1~2~0~6-984-4433 , tell them to leave a brief message with
their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phone
numbers. They will contact you soon after.

Anyway, much love, and tell the rest of the family I said hello!

Briggs family

With Love