Frank Welch, Dear Friend in the Lord

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Dear Friend in the Lord,

I am very sure that this mail will bring lots 
of surprises andcuriosity to you since there was no
correspondence before nowbetween us. I am BARRISTER  Frank .S. Welch a 
solicitor at law tolate Egr. MARK MILL, a late Germany businessman 
based in the UnitedKingdom.As the attorney to late Egr. MARK MILL, I 
was his confidant ashe shared with me virtually everything about 
himself, his family andhis business. I was his attorney for 15yrs and 
during that period Iwrote his will and was also named as the executor, 
which has since beenfulfilled after his demise.
I am also aware due 
to mycloseness to him that the amount seven million British pounds
(7,000,000) deposited with a bank in Europe was not willed out. He told 
me of this on his sick bed and even instructed me to prepare a 
codicilto that effect. However, before I could finish he passed on. 
After hisfuneral and execution of his will, I launched an investigation 
through his personal assistance to ascertain the information at my 
disposal andfound out there is no next of kin to the fund (7,000,000) 
Britishpounds. It is necessary for me to move the money out of the bank 
beforethe bank regard it as sundry expenses, which gives them the right 
toclaim the money.I cannot move the money in my name because he is 
myclient. Neither can the personal assistance do that, for it could 
arisesuspicion. Hence soliciting for your assistance is inevitable. I 
herebysolicit for your assistance and consent to present you as the 
next ofkin to the deceased so that the proceeds of this account valued 
atseven million British pounds (7,000,000) can be paid to you. 

I am 
ready to concede up to 37% of the fund to you as your share ifyou will 
help me pull the funds through your account. I will secure allnecessary 
documents to back up our claim. I will be responsible forsecuring 
letter of administration without will from the probate and personally 
apply on your behalf to the bank for the release of thefunds to you. I 
guarantee that this will
be done under a legitimatearrangement that 
will protect you from any breach of law. Have myassurance that there is 
nothing to fear about, as I also need yourassurance that you will work 
with me with utmost good faith andconfidentiality.In the light of 
the following will be requiredto achieve this goal,
Date ofBirth__________
and Fax numbers__________
Your positive response is a key to the 
completion of this
Frank .s. Welch
Barrister& Associates