Their feet—Got to be a joke, right?

Okay, I understand that they want to sell you those pills, and in itself, that's fine. (Okay, except that was a totally unsollicited email...) Now, that's understandable, but really... look at that image?! It's warped as if you had applied a CAPTCHA to it. Already, it's annoying to have to answer CAPTCHA, but to do that to get my Viagra... really?!

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And the following is the usual non-sense text to go through email anti-spam filter.

Lf to his wings and went his way like the rest. A young farmer in the western
part of New York, who has a sharp, discriminating
eye, sends me some interesting notes about a tame high-hole he once had. "Did you ever notice," says he, "that the high-hole never eats anything that he cannot pick up with his tongue? At least this was the case with a young one I took from the nest and tamed. He could thrust out his tongue two or three inches, and it was amusing to see his efforts to eat currants from the hand. He would run out his tongue and try
to stick it to the currant; failing
in that, he would bend his tongue around it like a hook and try to raise it by a