First time I see one like this! Look here, I tried to make a transfer of $10 million somehow. And it looks like it did not work because of some jerk intermediary or something. Or maybe it could be because I do not have $10 million... Hmmm... I'll have to ponder the question. This is complicated!

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Re: Intercepted Transfer By International Monetary Fund(IMF).


It was reported by the American Embassy to our Minister for Foreign Affairs
in the united state of America on Friday been the 24th of August 2007 over
your impending funds($10,500,000.00) which was intercepted by the International
Monetary Fund(IMF). We have investigated your transaction through the apex
bank of Nigeria(CBN), We noticed that you made several attempt to transfer
your funds but to no avail. Our investigation continued to the judiciary
upper house(National House of Assembly), The Senate monitoring team gave
an unsatisfactory report to your transaction, hence the chairman is presently 
under investigation for conspiracy and with an intension to divert your funds.
We have in our powers as the only and approved office by the Federal Government
of Nigeria taken absolute possession of your funds which has been deposited
with H.S.B.C BANK PLC LONDON. In consonance with the law guiding this
organization, It might interest you to know that Prof Charles Soludo and
Mr John Wane shall be interrogated and if found guilty, they shall have no
option than to pay whatever you have spent in the past. Below is your
information with us but we still advise that you re-confirm this again
as we shall not be held responsible for any misdirection of your transfer.
Bank name:USBank 
1015 Industry Road
Lexington,Kentucky 40505 
A/C Name:
A/C# 189706657
Routing# 034577123
Swift Transfer# usbkus44imt 

In other to avert any form of difficulties or problem with your transaction,
you will be paid via our corresponding bank in London. This is base on our
bilateral relationship with the United Kingdom(UK). You might be a foreigner
in the United State and for this reason no American Bank would accept an
individual transfer to such an amount of money. It might also interest you
to know that since the September 11th attack by terrorist in America, they
have beefed up their security even to banks and the flow of cash is totally
checkmated. The homeland security agent even in the airport despite your
position as a diplomat, You must be searched. The same situation is applicable
here in Nigeria and even in the United 
For this reason, your funds will be only and safely released to you through
an organization which is registered by the government of this country. Our
interaction with the IMF in America was real but due to the fact that the
homeland securities even in the banks are not convinced and your transfer
was halt.
Finally, we have your funds in our custody and it is safe but will be
transferred via our corresponding bank. You are advised to call the
telephone number below for oral and important discussion. Should you fail
to call or respond as advised then we shall have no option than to impound
this funds in agreement with the law governing this organization. We
promise to give you our professional service that will ensure your quick
receival of your funds within 7banking days

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Ugo B. Emeson.