iSKpMLOmcIJdKNJul—Could you read that one? 8-)

Post from: Turn Watcher

Funny... That's not the first time that I get a post like this on my Drupal sites. Some people think it is so great to use phpBB code that they put it everywhere. Of course, Drupal does not require such nonsense. 8-)

Note that the place where you can post clearly says that it will be reviewed, I guess the guy did not bother reading anything...

Next interesting thing... the link uses eBay Italy.

Of course, the name of the author and the title for the page was total garbage.

Now, the real reason why I'm posting this... is because I just did a mailing about that website (where this cute message got posted) and this makes me think that either one of the people who subscribed to my newsletter is a spammer or it is one of my regular users has a Trojan that does such things automatically... More or less, I'm just wondering. Since I cannot really determine who's who, I will let it be.

Testimonial author: SKCeoWMcw bRxIaV

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