Texas Dow Employees Credit Union—A number of unsolicited email messages are spreading across

This is going on and on with pretty much all the banks I ever heard of. Many with British banks now and my less global banks! It looks like the phishers are targeting smaller banks which certainly have much less money to spend on protecting their users from giving away their credentials. This scheme most certainly work. According to the numbers I have seen, 1 in 100 people will fall for it and these people lose US $800 on average. This is quite expensive!

Notice that this one is using an account of some sort at the University of Toronto for the fake page. The URL is really bad! But still, I'm sure it will work.

Finally, this is ironical, the email says that there are loads of emails going around for phishing purposes. Isn't that funny? Well... probably not if you fall for it!

Dear Customer,

At Texas Dow Employees Credit Union the greatest responsibility to our customer is the safekeeping of confidential information you have entrusted to us and using it in a responsible manner. A fundamental element of safeguarding your confidential information is to provide protection against unauthorized access or use of this information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal guidelines to guard your nonpublic personal information against unauthorized access.

At this time a number of unsolicited email messages are spreading across the internet trying to scam our customers. We have created an Internet Antifraud Department ready to guard your accounts using the latest technology to combat the internet phishing and fraud attempts. We invite you to urgently enroll in this new program and protect your accounts from being hijacked.

Please click the link bellow to continue the enrollment procedure.

This link was define this way:
<a href="http://echo.med.utoronto.ca/.asp.cgi-bin.xcgi%3fF6=1/USERS_Login/NetLogin.htm">


This link was define this way:
<a onClick="return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)" target="_self" href="http://echo.med.utoronto.ca/.asp.cgi-bin.xcgi%3fF6=1/USERS_Login/NetLogin.htm">...</a>

Our database will be instantly updated and an Internet Antifraud officer may contact you in the next 48 hours.

Thank you for paying attention in reading this important message.

Best Regards,
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union
Internet Antifraud Department