Mrs. Rose von Drescher—I am the above named person

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From:			Mrs. Rose von Drescher
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Mrs. Rose von Drescher
1178 2nd Avenue, 
Melville, 2146
South Africa
I am the above named person originaly from Germany but now on a temporary escape to 
peace and quiet in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am married to Mr. Klaus von Drescher, 
who is amongst the biggest White Farmers in Zimbabwe, all was going fine and well 
until the decision of evicting all white farmers from thier farms and out of Zimbabwe. 
My beloved husband was the president of The Commercial Farmers' Union, so he and three 
other executive members were norminated amongst those who went to meet with the 
Zimbabwean Government Paliarment to negotiate over the Policay made by President 
Robert Mugabe to take over the farming land owned by white farmers.
About 95% of white-owned land in Zimbabwe has been earmarked by President Robert Mugabe 
for seizure and redistribution to black people.You can find out more by clicking here:
Two days after thier meeting in the government house in Harare, Zimbabwe, my husband 
was murdered in his farmland in cold blood, and now i had to move quickly out of 
Zimbabwe in search of a peaceful place and nice place to settle and nurse my newly 
born and only baby of my late Husband. I have been in South Africa for over 13 Months 
now, and now living in a Government Property where my welfare and my baby's is taken 
care of very well. 
My Main reason for contacting you is that, two years ago, my husband told me about a 
safe deposit which he made in a Security Company/Vault, somewhere in south africa, 
and he mentioned to me that he deposited a box containing US$7,400,000 Cash, 
(but he did not disclose the content of the box to the management of the security 
outfit) which he was keeping for our retirement before this devils took his life away. 
Now I am originally from Germany, and i want to leave Africa for good, but moving 
with such amount of money can not be possible doing it alone and moreover i am only 
a white lady living in South Africa like a refugee and have no business registration 
and can not claim that money single handedly, unless i might be charged with money 
Now what i want you to do now is to help me in claiming this funds from the Security 
Company, as my late husband's foreign partner, i have all legal documents relating to 
this, and will provide you with every piece of information required by the security 
company to release the consignment to you, and I will also provide you with a power 
of attorney with my newly found lawyer here in Johannesburg as the next of kin to the 
depository. I am willing to offer you 40% of this fund while you help me Invest the 
other 60% in your country and my onward migration to your country for a better life, 
i have really had a hard time in Africa.
I will wait for your urgent response to this letter, and i hope to hear positively 
from you as soon as possible.
Stay Blessed.
Mrs. Rose von Drescher
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