Regions bank - Internet Banking—Encrypting And New Improved Account Protection

The link in this one was on an artist website. The artist just has a Flash animation in there. The hacker added the directory named "onlinebanking" and put a copy of the bank's website.

Now it sounds like the bank did have a website without encryption before. That's most certainly the case. All banks do just that. Website with no encryption, no certificate, nothing. And all your data floats around just like in totally clear text! Yeah! Right! And sure they need us to confirm we're still alive. Say the bank has 10,000,000 customers. They want all of them to connect within the next 24h. That's 1m / 24 = 416,666 person an hour. 6944 a minute. 115 per second. That's going to be quite a bit of traffic for the bank for 1 day!!! On top of the other regular traffic. No. Really. That makes no sense when you think about it a bit.

Regions bank - Internet Banking

Regions Bank

Encrypting And New Improved Account Protection Notice:

Regions bank
Dear Customer,

We are upgrading our new online network so therefore we require your data information

to ensure security encrypting for the New and improved account protection.

To restore full access to your internet banking account,you have to reactivate your account within 24 hours of recieveing this notice.

Failure to activate may lead to your account being disabled. Please click on
Sign On To Online Banking to continue the account reactivation process.

We are sorry for the inconvenience:

Customer Service Department
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