Regions - Unauthorized Access Alert—your computer is victim of spyware

Quite interesting email. First the header includes some broken entries with the missing space after the : (i.e. X-EYOU-SPAMVALUE) Then the email itself sounds like the bank can only secure its login stuff with your help. I guess they could not just turn off your account and voila...

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Due to concerns for the safety and integrity of the regions accounts we have issued this warning message.

You have reached the maximum number of failed login attempts. One possible cause might be that your computer system has become the victim of spyware. The term spyware is a generic term for advertising software that is also referred to as adware. This software enables advertising firms to install a tracking program on your computer and in most cases it is done legally. The software creates a drain on your system because it is continuously sending statistical data back to the firm that is using it without you being able to control what is sent.

Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern, therefore, as a preemptive measure we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features until we recognize your last login information.

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