Paul Eik—Kindly permit me the opportunity to narrate my ordeal

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Kindly permit me the opportunity to narrate my ordeal
to you and as such seek your understanding in my
proposal to you as below.

I am Paul Eik, the only son of the special Adviser
on finance and Economic planning to Mr. Charles
Taylor, erstwhile president of Liberia.
My father- Dr.Eik Eik, Special Adviser to
Charles Taylor was killed in the renewed war alongside
my mother all this because of the tussle for power in
Liberia as reported by international media.

During the heat of the war in Liberia recently,
immediately the opposition group killed my father, the
Nigerian president offered Asylum to Charles Taylor
with some of his  [[Charles Taylor] aides and Loyalist
to be in Nigeria as a ? Peace Map? to the Liberia
Crisis and the American president did approve of the
above as he stated during his five working day visit
to Africa upon  this, I succeeded in coming to Nigeria
where I am presently as a refugee in the refugee camp
in Oru, Ogun- State, Nigeria .

The above because of the serious war in Liberia and
all my father?s houses, properties burnt and his bank
accounts frozen by the Liberia Warriors who have taken
over power.

However, my father told me of some fund he deposited
in a security trust service company in Europe before
his death and he handed over all the document and
information to me which are with me here in Nigeria
Secretly and the funds were moved through diplomatic
means to Europe as African Artifacts contained in the
security box.

The total amount inside is US $20 Million and all I
need from you at this point is your acceptance to help
me claim the consignment deposited by my late father.

I also require your utmost sincerity and faithfulness
in working with me to get the consignment claimed and
the funds deposited in your account while I meet with
you in your country on completion of the transaction
to get my share and invest it in a viable business
over there based on your advise and for me to start a
new life alone as an Orphan.
You will get 20% of the sum for your assistance while
5% will be for expenses incurred for traveling,
communication and other miscellaneous items. 

You are to respond to me urgently with your direct
telephone number and personal details to enable me
forward the complete procedures and modalities to you.

Once again I solicit for your understanding
cooperation and urgent response please, I am in pains

Yours in need,
Paul Eik