Dr Omon Guobadia—It is my humble pleasure and trust

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      PRIVATE Email: guobadia_omon45@telstra.com
      ALTERNATIVE E-mail: guobadia_omon45@fsmail.net
      PRIVATE PHONE: +234-8033002573


It is my humble pleasure and trust, I write this very important
letter to you, considering your capability and reputable of
assisting us in understated business proposal, trying to know if
you can be of help,irrespective of the fact that we didn't know
each other before or have met for the first time in life, I came
across your contact via international profile in my earnest
sarching for a truthful/honest person to handle this business
with us. Firstly, I must solicit your strictest confidentiality
in this transaction,this is by virtue of its nature as being top
secret and confidential.I am Dr.Omon Guobadia , Head of
Operation Unit., First Bank Nigeria Plc (HQ) Lagos Nigeria. I
know that a transaction of this magnitude will make some one whom
you didn't know for the first time to feel apprehensive, but be
assured that all will be well with every involved persons at the
end of this business as it is risk free.


has a domiciliary Account with this Bank, FIRST BANK NIG. PLC
(HQ) foreign operation dept., MR. THOMAS. P. CREEK is an oil
merchant / contractor with Federal Government of Nigeria for many
years, but for about 3 years now from 1999 his account was dormat
without saving more money or withdrawing from the account as it
use to be, because of this development his account officer MR.
HENRY EGOBIA reported the matter to me as the head of the dept.,
upon this report that I conducted a personal investigation by
sending MR. HENRY to the address submitted by MR. THOMAS as of
the time he opened the said account with us to know the cause or
reason of everything before the matter will be made known to the
bank in general, but pity he came back with a report to me
conforming that MR. THOMAS died some time in 1999 in a ghastly
car accident in Port-Harcourt Nigeria Oil heart city. Leaving in
His account US$26.8m cash. Now I have informed the bank
authorities and board members about this matter and after many
meetings they resolved that I should contact the relatives or
next of kin on behalf of the bank, hence is in my dept for them
to file a letter of claim, but all effort by this dept to contact
any of his relations or next of kin prove unsuccessful, the
embassy of his country has tried without success and write me on
behalf of first bank suggesting that the fund being shared to THE
ORGANISATION IN AFRICA. In order to prevent the bank from
diveting this fund as unclaimed fund or sharing it as said by the
embassy which I know they will not do I and my colleagues MR.
HENRY EGOBIA being MR. THOMAS account officer,the bank lawyer,
P.R.O. Officer and the administrative Manager now seek your
assistance for you to stand as the next of kin / relation of
MR.THOMAS P. CREEK in claiming this US$26.8m. All the documents
to enable you cliam this fund will be carefully provided to you
to submitt for the work out of this claim.If this is acceptable
to you, kindly contact me through my private e-mail address:
guobadia_omon45@telstra.com or my private phone: +234-8033002573 also 
forward to me your telephone, fax,mobile number, your bank detail, your 
full home address for easy communication as more detail will follow up. 
We will be also happy to hear / know from you, your percentage, 
immediately this fund is being remitted into your account.Note that high 
degree of trust is required from
you, not betrayal.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Dr.Omon Guobadia