Claire Smith—Need men and women who can work and live in Omni Hotel

Isn't this one a weird offer?! I'm wondering what this Claire is trying to get to, but Omni Hotels have a standard URL: You look at the list, there is an entry for the Omni in Montreal. Guess what... they do have a phone number and an address. Cool hey?! Doesn't that make this email even more suspicious? Claire Smith, okay, I have got it.

Because of the promise of helping to get through with immigration, I'm thinking that this scam is to gather information about people such as complete name, address, social security number, etc. Watch out!

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I am Claire from Canada, am the Manager Of Hotel OMNI, Hotel
Needs men and women who can work and Iive in Omni Hotel in Canada.
Hotel will help them pay for their tickets and assist them on how to get
an approval from the canadian immigration, if you are interested contact me
back with this email address:
Claire Smith