Norway Consulting 2006—Pink Ass, Punk Ass...

Okay... let's say I'm currently looking for a job. I receive this email and think: wow! 8% of 1 million is US $80,000! Of course, I want that kind of a salary (well most people would want such a salary.)

Okay, the email was sent by "Norway Consulting 2006". You read on and they were incorporated in 1997. Why would they have such a name with "2006" into it?! DEJFXEX -- must be a valid name in Norway. Not sure though. Okay... @ what?!? Punk Ass?!? Hmmmmmmmmm... Norway Consulting is using an email address ending with "Pink Ass"?! Ho sorry, no "Punk Ass"! That too, maybe it means something else in Norway...

Well, anyway... what's that position about already?! Ho! I see, I will have to help making transfers of large sum of money between bank accounts for their clients. Interesting. They don't know me, maybe I'll make a few mistakes and get the money in Panama or something. You can still have 100% anonymous accounts in Panama, so that's a good idea. 8-) They won't know where the money is, right?

By the way, I'm a programmer so I think I'll pass...

In brief, what I have to say is: they wrote this email pretty well. It does sound like they are really hiring people for a legitimate company. So, watch out... This is NOT a real opportunity, it is a total scam.

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Working for Norway Consulting Group

Norway Consulting Group is a consulting company, operating in corporate consulting market since 1997. Our history of success is based on delivering strategic planning, business - planning, corporate financing, marketing activities, management accounting and budgeting, legal consulting results for clients meeting their most rigorous requirements. Our activities have covered a large number of projects of various sizes and we expect you to be capable of solving various administrative problems and tasks.

Looking to work for an organization that offers a challenging environment and excellent benefits? We'Òre always on the lookout for success-driven people to join our team, having a special feeling for such business areas as brokerage and dealership at stock exchanges, dealership in a securities market, market research, capital procurement for joint investment through emission and allocation of securities to reap full potential of profitability.

If you've got what it takes to excel in management consulting market and help drive us forward as an organization, rendering high-end professional business solutions click on the Financial Manager vacancy or email us.

FINANCIAL MANAGER - Part time position

An opportunity has arisen to appoint several persons to join the Financial Managers'Ò team, facilitating transfers of money between Norway Consulting Group and our numerous clients worldwide. This part time opportunity is for a friendly, energetic person to provide superior customer service and process customer transactions. We offer opportunity for advancement, excellent compensation and benefits, and a great work environment.

You will be responsible for ensuring that bank transfer rules are complied with, providing effective and efficient support to our Managers and customers.

We are looking for people who possess the following essential criteria:

  • A level standard of educati
  • Should have customer service or cashier experience, preferably in a bank or credit union
  • Good knowledge of banking practice, interpreting financial information
  • Able to use money transfer/payment systems like MoneyGram, Western Union, etc
  • PC, email, Microsoft word confident user
  • Good team working skills, good adaptability, good verbal and written communication skills, ability to work to deadlines, good attention to details.

Your efforts and aspiration will be generously rewarded. 2-3 hours a day occupation will bring you 8% commission from the amount of each processed transaction. I ...

After that there is an error. 8-)

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