My horny stallion — how about spending a few bucks on me?

This one is spam on Facebook. This happens quite a bit on MySpace, but not so much on Facebook. Well... Much less.

So... before you'd get a Connection request, but because most of those people were getting banned, they now changed their tactic. Instead, they send you a little post like the one below. What's funny is that they rarely look much more in your account than to know whether you're male. Maybe they verify your age too. But as you can see they send that to me even though I'm married. Funny part, one once talked to me in a chat session and when I asked "her" (yeah... see what I mean here? "she" may be anyone...) whether she looked at my profile, she said she did not care. Interesting because she would not have had to ask me whether I was married... It's clearly marked in there.

Now, if I'm correct, Facebook owners have had partying problems too... See the social network post I wrote on Snap! Free Website Hosting, Advanced Blog, Small Business Websites.

Fletcher Mirna on FacebookFletcher Mirna - October 2, 2010 at 3:21 pm - Report

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