Michael Nkomo—I need your help

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Subject:			I Need Your Help Pls.
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Dear Friend,

How are you and your family?.

It is my pleasure to write you at this crucial stage.

I found information about you and decided to contact you for an important
assistance. My name is Mr. Michael Nkomo a citizen of Zimbabwe, but I am
writing from South Afrca. I am the only son of Joshua Nkomo, a wealthy farmer
and senior politician with the opposition political party in my country,
Movement for Democratic Change [MDC]. Our wicked President murdered my father,
(Robert Mugabe) and I fled my country because I have become his next target to

My father was a fighter for Justice and a moving force in the MDC, a part
wanting to end the several years of brutal dictatorship government of President
Robert Mugabe. You will read more stories about President Mugabe's brutal acts
by visiting this web sites;

  [These web sites are not even related since they already
  were really old at the time I received this email]


My father was accused of Treason and also assisting the White farmers in
fighting the government. Few weeks after his arrest, he was reported dead. The
government claimed he died of heart attack and his body was never seen for
proper autopsy, they buried him in the government cemetery. My father's
associate Mr. Martin Olds a White farmer from Britain assisted me in fighting
my father's death through the Court and media; the government saw us as a big
treat to them and decided to eliminate us. Mr. Martin Olds was attacked and
murdered in his house, but fortunately, before they came looking for me, I
received the news and I had to flee through the border to South Afrca to save
my life. My arrival here in South Africa still remains like a miracle 
to me.

Here, is my reasons for contacting you, I need to bring my family and that of Mr
.. Olds out of Zimbabwe as soon as possible before any more harm is done on
them. I am having a huge sum of money in the total sum of $25.6Million
presently hidden with a security company abroad. My father kept this money in
two trunk boxes in disguise as family treasures and could not bank them,
because of the situation in my country. My father's business, farms and banks
account was seized by the government before his arrest and murder.

He told me everything concerning the funds while he was still in detention and I
have made a solid arrangement concerning the shipment of the boxes out of my
country to some where in Europe because we cannot invest it in my country. I
Have finished the first process of securing the consignment to a security
company in Europe and I was on the process of moving my family and that of Mr.
Olds to Europe when I fled the country through the boarder to South Africa for
my safty. I need your assistance in securing the funds which is curren tly with
a security company in Europe to your country, so that I can arrange for my
family and that of the Olds to join me in your country. I am willing to offer
you 30% of the $25.6Million for your kind assistance.

Please, let me know if you can assist me, so that I can give you more details on
how we shall proceed and also to meet face to face. As I wait for your urgent
response, please treat this information as top secret and send your telephone
number so that I can speak with you. Thank you and God bless. Also try to read
these web site for more clarifications.

Finally, I will appreciate if you give me your telephone, fax number, name,
company (if any) and address so that I can call you and arrange for 
documents that will empower you as the bonafide beneficiary of the consignment.

Awaiting your urgent response.


Michael Nkomo.