Re: Kindly get back to us immediately.

Can someone tell me what the UNCC and the PCBC are?

Oh! Wait, it's defined in the email below... PCBC... yeah! Good one 8-)

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Sujet: ***SPAM***Re: Kindly get back to us immediately.
Date : Sat, 8 Feb 2014 23:28:29 +0800
De : JPMorgan Chase Bank <>
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JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
270 Park Avenue
New York 10017-2070

Good day,

This department of JPMorgan Chase Bank was instructed to
remit the total sum of $18,500,000.00 in your behalf as
your payment hold by United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC)
and Central Bank of Nigeria.

The transfer effects immediately as we confirm the

(i) The direct telephone numbers of your account manager who
will confirm the receipt in your account.

Lastly, you are advice to make payment of $360.00 being for
Payment Clan Bill Certificate (PCBC) as been requested by
US Homeland security proving that fund has nothing to do
with money laundry, drug, terrorist or other related offenses.

(ii) Forward the payment receipt with the receiving bank
account information of yours to us for immediate transfer of your

The fund will confirm in your account within two days.

Best regards,

Lee R. Raymond
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
270 Park Avenue
New York 10017-2070.