KATHERINE—Do not pay another dime.

I suppose this is one of these emails to put you in confidence...

Do not pay another dime.
Without paying another dollar.
Stop paying even another cent.

This sounds good, I guess. I mean, if you are in debt. Otherwise useless for sure. But okay... let's study the email a little more:

  • Sent by KATHERINE
  • For JOE, I'm not Joe, sorry. Is Joe an idiot?!
  • Subject: CHRISTINE, ha? Is this about a woman?

Then I read on and the email says: stop paying altogether. This is good, but what about the fee it will cost me to stop paying?! Won't that be money I could avoid paying in the first place? Or will I have to pay you guys instead of my usual debtors? Then isn't that the same? I mean, really... follow the logic here: I'm going to ask you to pay me so you don't have to pay even one more cent to anyone else. Who's the idiot already?! Joe?!

And of course, there are these two ending paragraphs taken from some website or book which ensure that too basic anti-spam software do not catch the email. Nothing to do with not paying another dime... It's not even financial literature. No business man in their right mind would do such a thing, would they?!

WARNING: I put this in the Phishing area because this has to do with your money. If you contacted people like those, I strongly suggest you contact your bank, debtors, credit card companies (if you have any), and check out your credit record. Plus, declare that to the police. That's very important if you have contacted these people and gave any of your credentials. If the police says there is nothing they can do beyond recording your claim since you were not (yet) stolen, it is true... But the fact that it is recorded gives you the possibility to fight back in case something happens to you. It will be registred, dated, etc. and that's the most important thing. Good luck! You'll need it.

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