Edward Kabiah—Although we are not known to each other...

I put this one because of the first sentence and the fact that he used a Czech Republic (Ceska) email address.

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Dear,honest one

Although we are not known to each other, I decided to contact you to know if you can be of help to me in executing this project that needs urgent attention because I cannot do it all alone.

I deliberately kept this out of knowledge of my relatives to avoid my uncles and aunts from taking over the box because they have already started seeing me as obstacle to my fathers properties in their possession. Therefore, if you can handle this I seriously appeal that you maintain high level of secrecy and confidentiality until at end of it.

Early in January2004, the rebels in my country struck our area and killed my parents in one of their attacks. My late father, Honourable James Kabiah, being the director of Sierra Leone diamond and gold mine cooperation was their prime target. I equally lost my only sister in the attack. Fortunately for me, I was out when the attack took place.

Recently I discovered a document indicating that my late father had deposited the sum of $7.5 Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar with Security Company in Abidjan Cote d' Ivorie. That he intend to use for private business after his retirement.
Upon discovery of the deposit document, I travelled to Cote d' Ivorie to trace the security company. I have traced the company and proved to them that depositor of the box is my father, that I am his only surviving son and his next of kin.

But the company said that the box can not be released to me alone with out introduction of a foreign associate of my late father the box is to be delivered to. Because in the agreement they had with my late father it was stated that the box is to be delivered to his foreign business associate although with out any name. They advised me to go get the foreign associate before delivery.

My reasons for contacting you are:

A) To present you to the company as my late fathers business associate the box was meant for so they can release the box to us.
B) Have the box delivered to you as the new beneficiary for investment of the money as business partners under your management.
C) At the end of this, when you are in possession of the box, make provision for me in your Country to come to witness the investment and continue my education.

You will be given 15% of the money for your assistance, inconveniences and any expenses before investing the money for both of us as business associates in any business of your choice.

If you can handle this and can be trusted, get back to me with your full name, address, age, telephone number and occupation for submission to the company. Then let me know what you want me to clear you on.

Yours sincerely,
Edward Kabiah