Julianne Joyce—starts recruiting employees

Alright! So we've seen it all, hey?!
Now this one is interesting.
"[...] starts recruiting employees [...]"
So this means I will have a W2 and I will get paid to check out stuff for businesses that do not make any money yet since they are doing research to know whether what I'm checking out is worth selling.

Okay. This works, there are real online survey companies. Most of which will CHARGE YOU A FEE to participate in their surveys. (There is something I do not understand about having to pay to then earn money spending time to participate in surveys!) Some are free but of course you do not get as much (well... supposedly since I did not pay to become a survey participant!!!)

Now, this one is a scam. It has the usual stupidity of let's try to get someone's info to rip them off. The "From" name is Julianne Joyce, the email address is "kurt.stenzel@t-online.de", the reply address is "1910arcand.ralphie@gmail.com" and the name in the email is Ann Stevenson. Who am I talking to already?! Ho! Wait a minute! I have to answer by sending an email to: orlandosbaldo@gmail.com, so it must be "Orlando Sbaldo". Hmmm... wanna answer the email now? Not too sure how? Maybe you should look for the said company first? Oh! No company name... How weird.

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Our organization starts recruiting employees willing to take part in
well-paying research studies conducted by leading online businesses. 
Your opinion as a consumer is important for the success and
 profitability of
many business ventures. 

You can earn very well for participating in on-line surveys, focus
discussions, and product/service evaluations. 

If you want to become one of our highly valued survey takers, please
back to orlandosbaldo@gmail.com and I will send you more information.


Ann Stevenson
Assistant HR