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Well, another scam? A certainly quite strange letter...

Below is a copy of my 6 full pages letter that says nothing and means nothing and thus I thought it would be fun to publish it...

   "Alexis, please forgive us, but we have just taken a closer look at
our profile. It turns out you're more special than any of us imagined!
Did you know that you possess some very rare, hidden traits?  In fact, there
is a famous person (someone you would instantly recognize, he's on TV every
night) who possesse these same special, incredibly rare traits. &elipsis;It turns
out that people who possess these same reare and often hidden traits that you
do are some of the most famous and successful people on the planet!
Alexis, you are indeed blessed!  I know those around you don't know this
yet, but they will!  Down deep, you sense it, too.  Right?  I'm so excited
for you!"

So... Someone I never heard of tells me I have exceptional qualities. Well, I know that already, but my direct customers don't even know. How could that stranger know?! When I tell my customers I can do a better job than anyone else, they don't trust me. Really. Who's not on the same page here?!

Someone on television. I have the same quality than a well known jerk who makes money with some time wasting talk show on TV? That I think I did not need to know anything about it! Plus, I do not have a TV so I guess I know the guy not that much at all. Every night? Obama or Clinton? (2007/2008 elections, yes... I know.)

Okay, so that first paragraph and that's it, I know it's a scam. What else? There is no logo, no company name, no phone number, some PO Box address which thus is not an address, no website (who has no website as of today?!) A super hyper long boring letter that repeats over and over again how that power in me, which is kept super secret even from the CIA and FBI, is going to spread out whenever I write to these people. Are they going to send robbers to my home to get their money back? Okay, so for free I will get a "book" that tells me that I need to buy 100 this or that to make a fortune. Heard that before...

Well... if you have tried, let me know, I'd like to know what happens next 8-) But myself, I ain't waste a stamp or a call to send the fax.

Okay... the letter is 6 pages. If you have the original word document, send me a copy so I can publish it. I don't think I'll take the time to re-type all of that! Man! Who reads that stuff?!

Hey... Noticed the 6 black marks on page 4 and 6? I thought that was interesting because it only appears on these two pages. Well... we see it a tad bit on page 5 (at the bottom.) Funny...

Now, I also put a copy of the envelopes. The one with red and blue stripes on the edges (looks like the letter was sent by air!) says that it is from Ohio. The one where I need to send the document says Dover in Delaware. Isn't that interesting that a company in Delaware would use a mailing company in Ohio to send their letters even though the letter looks like it was printed with a cheap InkJet at home?

About the envelopes... notice the stamp? It was for 34.6 cents. That looks like... bulk mail I think. Dated June 6, 2008. And the USPS stamp says "Pre-sorted". Definitively bulk. Now, let's read a bit more of that first letter:

Dear Alexis,
     This is a personal letter just to you.  Notice: this is not a mass
mailing; this leter came to you by first-class mail, not by third-class
bulk mail. This is not a solicitation for money.  In fact, you will get
something of immense value from us absolutely free with no strings attached.
So, read every word very carefully because you will never get another letter
from us again.

Well, I certainly hope I won't get the same letter twice. It would definitively be a big waste. He! He! So... not a solicitation for money. What is it for then? Doing business for the pleasure of doing business? Sounds like these people will go broke very soon.