Hilary Kamokai—A Ghana Refuge

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BLUCK 12/C 29
May I use this medium to introduce myself to you? I am a Sierra Leone
National and my name is Hilary. I am son of Sabatha Kamokai who was a
Manager of Diamond and Gold mining Corporation Sierra Leone before the War
finally broke out. Things have never been the same; my father was killed by
the West side rebels, in potolonco presently my mother and I are in refugee
Camp here in Ghana. I pray that my decision to contact you will be
given a genuine approval considering the facts that we have not known each
other before.
Before my father was killed he deposited some huge amount of money in Ghana
In a security company in save box which was deposited and Described to be
containing precious items and personal effects I have Worked out
arrangements to get this Box and send to Europe or America as my father told
me before he died. Meanwhile My Father told me that I should not invest the
money in Africa I should send it to over sea to any country that
has political stability.
Now I need your assistance to receive the box in Europe or America for me as
my trustee as soon the box arrives, you will meet the diplomatic officials
and they will hand the box over to you meanwhile I will send you all the
entire documents covering the legality of the box that contain the money’ As
you can understand, presently we are in very tight situation and that is
reason I work out this strategy to take this box to Europe or America there
you will receive it as my beneficiary.
My mum and I Have worked out %20 of the amount for you and your family, %10
kept aside for all expenses and the remaining %70 is what my family and I
will invest and live with in Europe or America, Now I need your reliability
and trustworthy concerning this operation I will Be very grateful if only
you can help me out of this Situation andCarry on this transaction because I
want this Fund to be moved overseas for investment without any further delay.
I am counting on you Looking to hearing from you.
Thanks and God bless you.
Hilary Kamokai
My Alternetive Email address larykamokai@latinmail.com