Bob Fernaandez—Please forward the price quote

Interesting... so you want to order something from my company?! At this time I have just one software and a few weapons for sale... and I don't forward quotes, you buy directly from my website! (see here) So... what's that quote about?!

Ha! I see! 8-) Yeah... look at the header... Notice the "To: ..." field? Wow! "undisclosed-recipients:;" Does that mean Fernaandez sent that email to 1000 companies?! He must be in need of a lot of quotes!

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Dear Sales,
Please forward the price quote of the  item listed bellow.
#data recorders
Do advise the total cost for the quantity requested.I will 
arrange for the pickup of the order by my fedex account. I 
will forward you my credit card details for payment as 
soon as I receive the final quote. Awaiting your quick 
Bob Fernaandez
116-14 Union Turnpike,
BA1, Kew Gardens, NY 11415 US