Edward Moore & Associates—A matter of great financial reward.

A friend of mine sent me this one... Read it well. It's a matter of great importance. And maybe you will be rewarded!

Subject:	From: Edward Moore & Associates
Date:		Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:01:45 -0400 (EDT)
From:		Edward Moore & Associates <edward_moore22@yahoo.co.uk>
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Dear Friend,

My name is Edward Moore QC.Principal partner Edward Moore & Associates
London UK and I was compelled by my late client's request to contact you
on a matter of great financial reward.My client late Hassan Zahrul
(Malaysian by Birth) ,an Industrialist and Real Estate Guru died recently
leaving a vast wealth in your name as his "Next of Kin".

Do contact me immediately via my Direct Telephone:+44-7045705184 or better
still send me an email to my direct email address as below stated for
immediate action on this matter.


I expect your immediate response and call and also let me have your direct
telephone and mobile lines so i can call you as well.This matter demands
urgent action and i urge you to make this possible.

Awaiting your response.

Edward Moore Q.C
Principal Partner
Edward Moore & Associates
Direct Telephone:+44-7045705184