Mr.Don William—US$168.559 MILLION

Okay... this one's funny. $168.559 million. Why not just $168 or $169... And also, imagine that much on a personal account. I think the IRS would ear about it at once and the FBI would be on your tail the next morning. Not very smart! But very funny 8-).

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Attn,Mr.Don William


I am Mr. Don William the operational manager in account management section
in charge of credit and foreign bills in a prime bank here in South
Africa. On a routine inspection, I discovered a dormant domiciliary
account with Balance of S$168,559,000 (One Hundred and Sixty Eight Million
Five Hundred and Fifty Nine Thousand U.S dollars Only). The account holder
was in charge of President Saddam Hussein's secret crude oil transactions
in Africa. On further discreet investigation, I discovered that the
account holder died long ago with his family on a fatal Auto-accident
leaving no beneficiary to the account and no other person knows about it.

I am in close contact with the bank manager here who is my partner and is
willing to approve the transfer to any reliable and trustworthy foreigner
with foreign bank account because the former owner of the a/c is a
foreigner. The account has no written or oral WILL attached to it. I will
provide the necessary information and documents needed in order to claim
this money if you agree to receive this fund in your account pending my
arrival in your country for sharing and on receipt of your Bank Account
Details where the fund will be transferred.We will start with USD38,
000,000. At the end, 80% will be for me and my partner, 15% for you and 5%
will be set aside for expenses incurred on both sides during the transfer.
South African Civil Service Code of Conduct Laws that prohibits Civil
Servants from operating Private Foreign Accounts affects us.
Your cooperation is highly needed.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Don William

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