Diplomi, Degrees, etcetera—I need to prove I can write!

Okay! There is currently a wave of Diplomi, Degrees, etcetera that you can purchase. This is a mostly legal piece of paper which says that you are capable of doing these things that you say you can do in your Curriculum Vitae.

Now, of course, you would think that if you are to get a diploma from any institution, they will be academic. When I read that word, academic, it sounds to me that if I talk to them, I will be talking to people who know how to read and write, and this at a higher level than average.

So an email as the following just makes me think that some people do business to really just and only make money. Not to actually sell something useful to anyone. So this one is certainly a total scam.

Of course, I'll let you find out the few mistakes yourself. I count between 6 and 7 errors which are just... anyway! And the style, of course. I mean... I do want a set of diplomi which look just like that email, and I think I'll print them myself on my laser. My printer can do a really good quality job, afterall.

Note that you should NEVER purchase a diploma, degree, certification, etc. What you have to pay for are courses and eventually tests. The paper you get if you succeed is free. A fake diploma is illegal and YOU are responsible for showing an illegal document to get a job, a VISA, etcetera.

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