Did you send me that email?!

Scammers are doing bad things all the time and that includes making use of other people email addresses. It can be much worse, actually, since they may hack and use your actual email account, although that's much rarer.

The following is an email I received from someone in Denmark who received an email from me.

Hi sir
 my name is : [name]
I received an E-mail from you addressed to me. Is it correct?
The following is the content:

You are authorized as a verified recipient of this financial opportunities notice via email
selection of being a worthy, cash candidate providing you respond before the end of the current
payment period. AAFS is delighted to send you absolutely FREE, your check CASH award entry and
opportunities totaling $ 8,180,750 guaranteed to be awarded by sponsoring companies complied
and reported by AAFS for your full and immediate access. Each document of assessment must be
disbursed by the independent sponsors.

Is this mail from your company? And is it true?
Please, let me to know.

As you can see, the scammer