Citbiank—Drae Ctiibank Mbmeer

I was not thinking I'd put too many more scams on my page here, but this one was so badly written that I just couldn't resist! I have no idea what the ? characters were; for sure, these are not supported by my system. Mozilla is saying it's Japanese...

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From:				"Citibank" <>
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Subject:			Cit?bi?ank email ver?cifi?ation -
Date:				Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:25:56 -0400
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D?rae? C?ti?ibank M?bme?er,

T?ih?sem?ia?l was se?tn? by the C?abiti?nk ser?ev?r to v?ire?fy y?ruo? e?iam?l add?er?ss. You mu?ts? c?lpmo?ete t?sih? pro?ssec? by cli?nikc?g
onthe l?ni?k b?wole? and en?ret?ing in thesm?lla? wi?dn?ow yo?ru? Citib?na?k AT?D-M?ebit Ca?dr? n?ebmu?r and P?NI? t?tah? you use on A?MT?.
T?sih? is d?eno? for y?ruo? pro?tcet?ion -b?ace?uses?mo?eofour membe?sr? no lo?regn? h?va?e a?secc?s to th?ie?r e?am?il ad?erd?ss and we
m?tsu? ve?yfir? it.

To v?fire?y y?ruo? e?iam?l a?sserdd? and a?secc?s y?ruo?b?kna? a?nuocc?t, cl?ci?k on the l?ni?k b?le?ow:


Note: the link itself was pretty long as follow:

<a target="_blank" href="">