Cyndy Asante—I am a house girl by profession

God bess you! He! He! I actually got an answer from this idiot.

 Dearest Beloved,

 How are you, hope all is well with you and your family. My name is cyndy Asante
 a girl from  Ghana
 I am 25 years old am a house girl by profession, and I have a
 proposal to make which I believe will
 be helpful to both of us.

 Like I told you at the beginning, I am a house help working under a woman
 who died recently. Before her
 death, she was a very well known diamond merchant in Ghana and Bokinafaso
 who lived in Ghana
 Leone. My late madam died without having any children or husband.

 As a mark of appreciation for working with my Madam for several years, she
 gave me a will to the tune of
 US$5.5 million which is presently with a security company in Europe with
 me as the beneficiary.

 l am presently living in Ghana while this fund is in Europe, I
 cannot travel to Europe because of
 difficulty in obtaining a visa moreover I don't have a bank account where
 this money can be lodged, this
 is the reason why I have contacted you' l want you to stand as the
 beneficiary and help me claim this
 fund from the security company in Europe.

 You shall also help me invest this fund in any profitable business in your
 country or any part of the world
 also intend to come over to continue my education. I have been in contact
 with the security company;
 they promised to l that they will act on my instructions as soon as am
 through with my arrangement on
 who can stand as a beneficiary to claim the fund on my behalf.

 For your assistance I will offer you 25% for making my dream come true, I
 will also set aside 5% of the
 total amount for any expenses that will arise during the course of
 transactio. Please note that all
 documents relating to this transaction is with my late Madams lawyer, I
 will make them available once you
 indicate your willingness to assist me.

 Kindly include your telephone/fax number and other related information
 about yourself in your reply to
 enable my lawyer call you for more clarification. Please make sure all
 your replies are directed to my
 private email address have a nice day and God bless

Reply email to

 Best regards,
Cyndy Asante

Okay, this one did sound really funny, so I replied... Something really simple as you can see. So what do you think someone like that will reply to a very simple and straight request?

Hi Cindy,

Do you have a picture of yourself so I can see how you look like first?


Okay, so... any idea what I got back? Ho! Yeah! An email with the subject: Contact my lawyer!!!! Hey, at least it's written correctly. But imagine that, you ask a question and what you get in the answer is: Contact my lawyer!!! Well... I was about to delete the email when I've seen that when I remembered that I did indeed send an email to a bozo. Anyway, below is the answer and as usual, nothing about the previous email or my reply. These people just cannot do a reply like everyone else!!!

Now is the usual game: I cannot do anything, send me money, I'm super rich anyway so don't be afraid you'll get your share big time! And by the way I need your place of birth in case someone at the bank was asking me about it... But read for yourself!

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Dearest Beloved

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my email.
I must say that I am very happy and glad that you want to help me 
because I have been very worried since I cannot come to Europe to claim 
my consignment myself due to visa problem.

Please I will want you to contact my lawyer who is the legal executor 
of the Will to make the change of beneficiary ownership into your name 
as the new ownership of the fund because without the original 
beneficiary's name is changed into your name the finance company will 
not recognise you as the new owner and will therefore not release the 
consignment to you. Hence, there has to be a legal change of ownership 
before you can proceed to the finance company to claim the fund for me.
All the documents relating to the claim of the will is with the lawyer.

Here is the contact information of the lawyer,
Name: Barrister Yezback Van Smith
Tel: +31626248264
You can as well call him for more details.

As you contact the lawyer please furnish him with the listed details of 
yours below.

1; your full names (or a copy of your international passport)
2; home address and country of birth
3; your tel and fax number where me or the lawyer can call you
3; occupation
4 age

I look forward to hearing from you soonest
God bess you,
Cyndy Asante

  I shall send you my picture immediately I have access to a scanner.
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