Alexis Wilke—Facebook message

There is another message I've got from someone on Facebook... That someone has a brand new account and a picture. That's it. He/she probably knows that the account will be erased quickly. I wonder whether they could legally check such messages since there are many flags (i.e. an email address, a large sum of money, 'investment' related...)

Otherwise, the content of the message was different from what I usually get by email. Here the person says that my name is on a list which means I'm owed $150k... We'll see how that's true.


I am so happy today with my children because I got $150,000 check from the IBC Imperia Invest Company today. They gave me the money for a deaf/family support. I wonder if you have gotten your money yet because I saw your name on the IBC list and I ask, they told me they will bring money to you too. Email to them now on ( they can bring money to you too.Many of my friends email to them and they got money too. Be touch soon.

Carolyn Nelson