Made to Order Software Corporation Critical Billing Alert - PAST DUE INVOICE (10J3120)

I thought this one scam was particularly good! As if I were under a real attack instead of the usual bullshit emails I get: very badly written, not correctly target, etc.

In this email the user wants me to open an attachment, which would likely do nothing to my computer since I have Linux, but it is still very persuasive. Now the attachment may actually be totally safe to look at, it may just include a link to a website where they will charge my credit card and bye bye to your money!

In any event, this is quite some progress from the usual scam.

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Subject: Made to Order Software Corporation Critical Billing Alert - PAST DUE
 INVOICE (10J3120)
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Hello Alexis Wilke,

This is an important notice and requires your immediate attention. In defiance of emailing you several notifications, we received no answer from you about the seriously overdue account. We think we have added you plentiful time and have been more than patient with you. Thus:
At this stage there is no resort but to assign your account for review to our debt recovery agency.
This operation will affect Made to Order Software Corporation credit score.
Please email us asap should decide to negotiate an installment plan.

This invoice(s) is badly past due:

Invoice # Date Due Amount + 5% Late fee
USD0100154 Sept., 18th $1,182.88

Payment : find in the enclosed Billing Statement.
We expect you will give this issue serious attention.

Best Regards,
Carl Vicere,
Management Accounting
Todd A Brisco & Associates Apc