Capital One, N.A.—Due to recent account takeovers

This is an interesting one... Looks totally real!

The link looks like the place to go to connect to CapitalOne, but of course, the true URL was like this:

As usual, the hackers don't even offer a secure server. Makes sense, you'd get an "error" saying that your browser cannot verify their certificate!

Okay, now what's funny here is that CapitalOne does not accept my browser to connect to their service. Thus, I cannot use CapitalOne online (not like I care, just a note). You can look here how CapitalOne protects you from being stolen... They tell you have that you have to use Internet 5.5 or better or Netscape 6.1 or better... Hmmm... That sounds totally secure to me. And that's a bank protecting you!!!

Title: Capital One

Dear Customer,

- Due to recent account takeovers and unauthorized listings, Capital One is requesting a new account verification procedure. From time to time, randomly selected accounts are placed under an advanced updating process based on merchant accounts/bank relations and on-file credit cards.
Capital One may also request in an email message scanned/faxed copies of one or more photo ID's.
Your account confirmation may go wrong if your credit card/bank account has expired, or if you have changed/replaced your credit card without letting us know about the change.

- If you received this notice and you are not an authorized Capital One account holder, please be aware that it is in violation of Capital One polici to represent oneself as an Capital One user. Such action may also be in violation of local, national, and/or international law.


Remember: We won't require your ATM PIN number for this operation !!

To begin unlocking your Capital One account please click the link below:

Please note:

(Capital One will never ask for your ATM/PIN)
If we don't receive your account verifycation within 36 hours from you, we will further locking down your account untill we will be able to contact you by e-mail or phone.

Capital One, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.