Ashley--I am horny and married and I love sex -sexually explicit

Funny... she's not a slut, just in need of a little more love. I guess it depends on your definition of slut!?

Ashley has a -sexually explicit- message to give you-

Hi there, my name is Ashley and I'm a 29 year old married woman. My friends at The Affairs Club wanted me to send a personal message to a few people who have visited dating communities in the past, and we understand that you have. I hope that I am not bothering you in any way.

Here is a little information about me:

My favorite sexual position is doggie style because it feels the best. I enjoy making love in the morning, and I am VERY good at it. I have never had a threesome, but I am very open to trying it out, but only with one of my girlfriends and one guy. I would have to bring one of my female friends with me in order to feel more comfortable.

I also enjoy making love in shower, but my husband doesn't like to, so the guys I meet at the affairs club get to do a LOT of things to me that I do not do with my husband!

I enjoy role playing very much. I have the sexiest French maid outfit that I love using to turn guys on. I am in very good shape, and my legs look amazing in this outfit.

I have been a member of the Affairs club for 3 months now, and I must admit that I am addicted to this site. I love my husband, but he travels A LOT for work, and I have needs that I just can't control. I'm not looking for love, just for no strings attached love making with men that I will only see one or two times in my life.

My husband is also very conservative when it comes to making love, so the guys that I meet at the Affairs Club have to want to pleasure me everywhere, and when I say "everywhere", I mean in every spot.

Press here if you're interested in meeting and dating horny married women like me:

Now the people at the Affairs Club picked me to send out this message over the thousands of other married women only because I informed them how much I love their dating site...You and I will probably never meet, but there are thousands of married women just like me that you can date and make love to. In fact, I have met and slept with 15 gentlemen from this site in the past 3 months, and some of the other married women that I have met here have told me they make love to 10 or 20 different men a month. You wouldn't believe how many husbands leave their wives alone for's crazy!

Married women like me are not sluts, we love our husbands, but you only live once, and we have needs and want to have fun.

Well, I guess that is all I have to say for now. I hope that you will join the Affairs Club so married women like me can meet new and fun guys out there that are just looking to have a good time with no strings attached!

Press here if you're interested in meeting and dating married women like Ashley:

Have fun no matter what you do in life! Just don't let the days past you by without enjoying them to the fullest!



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