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A funny one, not so much because of the email itself, but the guy just doesn't know how to write proper expressions. The grammar is otherwise mostly fine (well... it's a short one anyway).

Note that most (99%) of the sites sending you this kind of spam will claim that they are secure. A site is secure if (1) it has a currently valid certificate and (2) the pages where you pass your order [i.e. put your personal info such as your address, phone, credit card info] are secure. A secure page starts with https://... and when you enter these pages your browser doesn't warn you about the lack of certificate. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the page is 100% secure, only the transaction between your computer and their computer. Do not believe them if they tell you they are at the BBB without first going to the real BBB website and checking. If you cannot find them at the BBB Online, that's because they are faking (and you are very welcome to report them if that's the case!) Most of these websites will open another window of their own website to show that they are members. Obviously, if they tell you that they are members, that means nothing. Liars & cheaters do the same sort of a thing: they tell you they are nice people and the next day they rip you off one way or another. This is the same for a valid certificate. If they just show you another window, verify the URL (http://...) and make sure it is from a valid certificate issuer. If you do not see the URL by default, use the right mouse click and check the properties of the page. If the right mouse click doesn't work, that's a fake. If the menu doesn't look right (the same as anywhere else you can right click too) then that's because they also will fake the Properties. So watch out! Of course, the best advise is: just don't use a site which sent you spam; they are likely to be scams.

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