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Here we go! Today I get an email from Amazon telling me that I just ordered something. Thinking that you have thousands of orders everyday, it is not totally unlikely that someone who really just ordered something from Amazon is getting this scam email...

The email includes 3 images from Amazon. The in the top-left corner had a link, but the Your Account | Help and Unsubscribe icon were not links.

All the links were going to the exact same place. The guy did not do too much work here! 8-)

Another one... the total cost is shown as $1.99. That I think gives it away. If you just made an order, then it will probably not correspond to your purchase. It's rarely going to be that small.

Plus, that $1.99 is written with a zero and a space... $ 01.99  Maybe some people put a space, but a zero?!

Then look a little further and you see that what was purchased cost $55.99 and thus the total before tax is $50.99 (what's up with that guy's brain?!) Look closely here... The total of the invoice is $85.99. Maybe the tax? No... Sales taxes = $0.00.

A little lower still... Your item costs $48.99. That's a relief, I thought I'd be paying $85.99 for a minute!

Lucky me, there are tons of links so I will be able to find out what went wrong in that freaking invoice by loggin in my account online...

Bad Link: logo your account

Thanks for your order,

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Order Information:

E-mail Address:

Order Grand Total: $ 01.99
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Order Summary:
Order #: D74-0011298-4415843
Subtotal of items: $ 55.99
Total before tax: $ 50.99
Sales Tax: $ 0.00
Total for this Order: $ 85.99

The following item was ordered:
  Click here and see items, Price: $ 48.99
By: Click here
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


The charge for this order will appear on your credit card statement from the merchant 'AMZN Payment Services.'

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