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This email was sent to me by a person who thought it was quite a new genre at the time said person received it. I reformatted it because the images were (of course?) not accessible anymore. The whole site was already down actually (totally unaccessible.)

Most links look really long and were pointing to It included the name (first/name) of the person and some other info. For instance:

	<a href=" ...
	... &fn="firstname"&ln="lastname"&ad1=&ad2=&ct= ...
	... &st=&zp=&ph=&">

Title: aap37


First & Last Names
Earlier this week, there was an e-mail notifying you $ 1,237,932 maximum value package in our shipping facility containing merchandise for your order and release for delivery. Due to some technical problems, this offer was not successfully loaded into your account and was not available for your use. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are pleased to let you know that we have successfully corrected the issue. Your maximum entitlement of $ 1,237,932 is now in your account and can be applied toward your next purchase. To order and receive the package items(s) listed at the bottom, complete by clicking "CLICK HERE to process order" button. Your response is good until the end of this week.

Jamie L. Newton
(release officer)
Division of Unclaimed Funds
No. Program Code. Recipient ORD. EXT. Value 05 06 07
1. 200208915 Samuel Broomes     Closed      
2. 200310346 Daniel Mekulcik     Pending      
3. 200209837 Maximus Bijmer     US $ 790.00      
4. 200109153 Saw M.Sandy     US $ 79.00      
5. 200211435 Bill Sender     US $ 490.00      
6. 200210568 First Last Name     $ 1,237,932      
7. 200312938 Tom G. Shoemaker     US $ 795.00      
    All corvered in Form E-40A            
    (to go see claim form click here)            
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