Chase Online—$50 Reward Survey on your credit card

Not too sure why people would believe this one... the page looks nothing like a real Chase NA page... it is missing all the menus, copyright, warning about the FDIC insurance, everything. And also, the URL started with an IP address.

Frankly, if some people get caught with these, I'm just balantly amazed.

And just in case, I marked the place to enter the card # and PIN as read-only. Notice that some banks ask for your PIN to let you in your account. That's not additional security, to my point of view. To the contrary. It compromises your card too!

Chase Online $50 Survey



  Chase will add $50 credit to your account just for taking part in our quick 5 question survey. Only one survey per card is allowed, if you own multiple cards you can run the survey again for each.


Reward Survey


  Choose one answer from each list below.

 Do you know what are the differences between Internet Banking and PC Banking?




 Do you know what types of bills can be paid using Chase Bill Payment Service?




 How many active cards do you/your family have/use?





 Have you ever been unsatisfied by our services and considered changing banks?




 Overall, how satisfied are you with the services provided by Chase?






Personal Information and Credit To Details (primary account holder):


  Personal Information.
Full Name 
Zip Code 

  Card where to credit your $50 reward.
Card Number 
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